Emacs User Survey

Help the community have a better understanding of itself and its own diversity in Emacs usage. Discover and show how people are using this versatile tool for everything, from software engineering to academia and journalism.


The survey is closed! Thank you to everyone who responded!

The survey was open from October 19th 2020 to November 30th 2020.

Responses are being processed and will be uploaded in the coming days.


Please help us collect as many answers as possible by sharing the survey with Emacs users around you!


Results will be posted here after the survey is closed and data is cleaned up and compiled.

Stay Tuned


Please visit our dedicated page.


This is the first iteration of the Emacs User Survey. The main organizer is Adrien Brochard.

This project is not sponsored by the FSF, but you can read about the genesis on the mailing list, and on r/emacs.

Questions or comments can be emailed to contact@emacssurvey.org

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